DT Network

Building app-like experiences with a pinpoint targeting capability across granular data layers. The DT Network provides an optimum performance across the communication funnel from awareness to consideration to conversion.

Smart Audience Generation

A massive reach to more than 100 Million people in the MENA region spread across IOS, Android and web.

Targeting Capabilities

Demographics, Geography (geofencing and geotargeting to a proximity of 60 meters), Interests, Behaviors, Time of day, Weather, Device.


Spotlight reporting beyond CTR and CPM such as dwell time, participation time, brand recall, attributions and depth of visit or any tailor-made metric that the client requests that helps him assess the campaign performance.

Travel & Tourism Industry

The GCC is a region with so much to offer. People from all around the world are planning their trips to visit its many attractions and events. While, businesses of this industry are spending big amounts on online advertisements, the Digital Tree helps them stand out with the DT Shoppable Video solution and the DT Gamify solution.

Technology Industry

The Digital Tree is a growth partner to businesses in the tech industry giving them access to detailed layers of data, the best digital marketing tools, solutions, and platforms, and the best creative executions to ensure the success of their campaigns.